Participation is completely voluntary and is usually carried out at health facilities partnering with MyAfroDNA. We recruit patients with conditions for which there are evidence of genetic predisposition. All participants are required sign an informed consent form. The purpose of the form is to ensure that the participant have received adequate information about the biobank to allow them make voluntary and knowledgeable decisions about whether to participate. The participant must have read the MyAfroDNA Information Pamphlet For Consent Form before signing the informed consent form and authorizing their sample collection by a trained personnel. 

By participating in MyAfroDNA biobank, you can make an impact in promoting medical research that will help to improve health outcomes. By consenting to participation in genome sequencing projects, data generated from your sample will support global efforts that aim to identify unique genetic characteristics of Africans. This information may aid the development of new therapies to treat diseases that affect Africans and other populations. 

Information security is a top priority for MyAfroDNA. All samples and data are de-identified and stored anonymously in a highly secured computer environment with strictly restricted access. No personal data that links back a participant will be published. So, only access to anomymised datasets will be allowed. 

Participation is completely voluntary, and participants can request for their biological samples to be deleted at anytime. Consent can be withdrawn without any reason from the participant. You can withdraw by emailing admin@myafrodna.com. 

Yes, we are open to collaborating with other biobanks and researchers. Click here to contact us for partnership

Funding is critical for efficient patient sample recruitment, genomic workflows, information systems acquisitions, and staff recruitment. Our sequencing projects are mostly funded by end-users interested in leveraging from African genomics information to advance their drug discovery or development efforts. 

Yes! We appreciate global efforts aimed at improving diversity in genomics workforce and aspire to contribute our quota towards achieving this goal for Africans. Our facilities, where they exist, will be open to collaborate with researchers interested in deploying molecular biology techniques to answer their research questions. We will organize discounted seasonal hands-on workshops in molecular biology and bioinformatics. Additionally, we will provide grantsmanship trainings to Principal Investigators hoping to secure funding to pursue molecular biology research. 

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